​​ Smart Lock System

An Innovative, cost effective product designed to provide safety and peace of mind in everyday situations

Smart Lock System
An electronic wireless cabinet lock with endless possibilities

Unlocked position

locks are operated by a wireless signal from the control box via: remote or next generation: smart phone, home security system, key pads or RFID 
Locked position

Also provides a motion activated sensor for purpose of securing cabinets during a seismographic event
Wireless Control Unit

communicates with locks and remotes with wall mount and locked/unlocked ​LED display

 Design and development assistance by: Pivot International

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This innovative wireless product was designed to provide an electronically activated lock to secure cabinets, drawers and similar storage areas 

Our Lock contains the following advantages:

A. Simple design for maximum strength and reliability.
B. The catch plate is designed with a backup catch, ensuring the locks ability to function              should the door be slightly ajar upon activation. 
C. Installation is accomplished with easy to follow instructions.
    1. Upon opening the package notice both, the lock is ready to install, and the double                sided tape pre attached to the door catch.
    2. Cabinet installation begins by opening the selected cabinet door and placing the lock          body in the desired location. At this time, the main body is secured in place by two                  screws in the front slotted holes. Now the protective paper is removed from the double        sided tape on the door catch and the door is shut. Upon opening the door, the catch is          now in position to be secured in its slotted holes.
D. Most importantly, ECONOMICAL for the consumer! unlike anything on the market.
E. Low voltage to ensure safety.

Smart Lock System

With its efficient and durable design the Smart Lock System is able to provide safety and security to a wide range of customers and multiple industries.
 Where do you see a great use for the SMART LOCK SYSTEM?
Secure Employee Lockers, Drawers and Filing Cabinets providing peace of mind in the work place
Secure Kitchen Cabinets, A China Hutch or Liquor Cabinet, Bathroom Medicine Cabinet, Laundry Room Cleaning Supplies​, Child Safety, Garage Hazards and Firearm Security
​Medical/Dental & Healthcare
Pharmaceutical Inventory and Medical Equipment can be secured with Doctors, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Veterinary Offices, while also keeping patients protected and insuring Loss Prevention 
Jewelry, Electronics, Antiques, Art, Paint, Tobacco and other encased items can be easily accessed by the Retailer with REMOTE ACCESS or VICINITY BADGES  

Natural Disaster Areas

This innovative wireless product was designed to provide an electronically activated lock to secure cabinets, drawers and similar storage areas during a violent motion event, such as an earthquake. Keeping your valuables and keepsakes safe from being damaged due to an earthquake is well worth it. Securing your antiques and collectibles is priceless. Protecting your family is immeasurable.
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